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Thomas H. Colledge, PhD, PE

Assistant Professor of Engineering Design
The Pennsylvania State University

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    University Park, PA 16802

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About Me    My passion over the past twenty-two years has been to develop and grow a program at Penn State whereby students might apply their academic training, in multidisciplinary teams, to solve problems of marginalized communities.  This vision of service learning in engineering took root during my undergraduate years and became a professional goal upon joining the Engineering Design department at Penn State in 1991.   My efforts have been focused on development of Humanitarian Engineering.  Over these intervening 22 years, this quest has borne fruit through the creation and implementation of a number of efforts which have helped nurture a culture of service by engineering students and faculty.  These efforts were broad based and included:

        1.  Academic Programs:  Creation of the Engineering and Community Engagement Certificate which provides an
             academic home for students engaging in Humanitarian Engineering efforts.
         2.  Design Projects:  Engaging hundreds of students in design projects which addressed the needs of 
              marginalized communities in East Africa, the Caribbean, Central/South America, and areas within the United
        3.  Research:  Development of research efforts for undergraduate students which focused on solving problems of
             marginalized communities.
        4.  Dissemination:  Creation of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering: Humanitarian
             Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship
to permit dissemination of the scholarly work of students and faculty
             mentors from around the world. 
        5.  Student Learning Community:  Creation of a
student learning community to facilitate and nurture such efforts
             among students
        6.  Outreach:  Engaging middle school students in engineering design of solutions to problems in their local

These efforts culminated in the formal approval by the College of Engineering at Penn State in 2011 of the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) program.



Research Interests


PhD Agricultural and Biological Engineering.  Minor: Instructional Systems
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

M. Eng. Civil Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

B.S. Civil Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

B.S. Mathematics Education and Science (Biology)
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA



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Lackey, G., Bell, L., Ferdik, C., Shreve, M., Mehta, C., Mehta, K., Colledge, T., “Technology, implementation and economic sustainability model for an affordable biogas digester: A Case-Study”, Forum TBD

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International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering:  Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship


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